Discovering Digital Options

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New from IQoption, the 'Digital Option'

New from IQoption, the 'Digital Option' platform is a new online trading tool that combines classic trading with binary trading.

With Digital Option, traders have access to a wide variety of financial instruments,as for profitability and risk, this depends on a 'strike price'.

The 'Strike Price' is chosen manually in 'Digital Option' which is what makes this new trading platform unique.

With digital options, there is potential to earn much more than with binary options (where the profitability is predetermined).

Traders can change the amount of potential benefits (and the risk) simply by moving the price of the 'strike price', for instance, by moving the strike price closer to the current price levels, a trader diminishes the potential wins and reduce risk.

In contrast, if a trader's willing to take greater risks by pushing the strike price further away from current price levels than the payoff can be many times that of the amount invested.

Trading on Digital Option by IQOption is simple, here's what you need to do:

Choose an asset

Choose the amount of money you wish to invest ($10 USD minimum)

Select a Strike Price

Click on 'Rise' or 'Fall' depending on the prediction for your option

Wait for the expiration time or sell your optionĀ 

Mitgating Risk

It's always prudent to stay within three percent of what you can reasonably afford to lose in one trade.

Take your time to learn how Digital Option works in the demo mode, taking as much time as you need to figure out how this mode of online trading works strategically.

Being risk adversive is always a good idea, no matter what type of trading you get involved in. The great thing about Digital Option is you can start out small, it may also give you insight into how the market works, which will in turn make you more effective at binary option trading as well.

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